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Imagine the seemingly limitless frontiers of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering are suddenly well within your grasp or, if you prefer, the universe was just delivered to your front doorstep.

Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Long Island Matrix of Science and Technology are planning the Portal to Discovery, a new science learning and exploration center on Long Island.

The Portal to Discovery will be a place where Brookhaven’s passion for discovery is shared in meaningful and interesting ways to many audiences, eventually reaching over 200,000 visitors per year.

Brookhaven National Laboratory has a rich tradition of fostering invention and discovery in the sciences, and the Portal to Discovery will be the go-to place for people of all ages who have a thirst for knowledge and adventure to experience the frontiers of science.
  • From here, parents and their children will become citizen scientists, exploring the cutting edge of research through engaging activities.
  • From here, students will be able to put scientific theory into practice and some will even work side-by-side with world-class scientists.
  • From here, educators will become scientists and provide a unique experience for their students, unlike any they’ll find anywhere else. Young minds will be challenged and motivated to learn more. This is a vital point of departure for those who aspire to become the world's pre-eminent thinkers...
  • From here, Long Island’s high tech companies will be able to showcase products and contribute to inspiring the scientific and technological workforce of the future.

Join us as we convert this vision into reality. When the doors are opened, we’ll launch all those who dare to dream on a journey like no other. The Portal to Discovery: a place for citizen science.

Partners: Brookhaven National Laboratory  |  LIMSAT  |  Long Island STEM Hub